Introducing Our New Apex Legends Roster

KMG Apex-min.png

We’re excited to announce Kingsmen’s latest entry into Apex Legends! Kingsmen has acquired the talents of Jman, Lavaman, and Vital to join AlejandroSuntay in our new and improved Apex Legends roster.

All players have proven themselves in different FPS titles, such as Overwatch and Counter-Strike, and have been improving consistently in Apex Legends.

Kingsmen Apex recently took 2nd in the Mazer 500, and rank #1 in the Apex Pro League. They will also be competing in the WES $10K Invitational.

We’re excited to see how all our players perform in the coming weeks and look forward to seeing them compete under the Kingsmen banner.

You can follow them on their social media channels below:

AlejandroSuntay - @AlejandroSuntay - /AlejandroSuntay

Jman - @Jman_OW - /JmanFPS

Lavaman - @KMG_Lava - /Lavaman2302

Vital - @KMG_Vital - /Vital6P